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“The most confused you will ever get is when you try to convince your heart and spirit of something your mind knows is a lie.”

Shannon L. Alder

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Florida ranked among the 10 worst states for health care in a report by Wallethub. Furthermore, data from the same study showed that in terms of hospital care, approximately 15% of patients discharged from Florida hospitals, were "discharged without a care plan."


Florida ranks 45th in the nation for teacher pay, that's more than $12,000 below the national average. And worse, public education is underfunded in every state in the nation. Consequently, the Florida Department of Education projects a massive teacher shortage to reach close to 10,000 vacancies.

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Cost of living

Florida ranks as the fourth worst state for pay. With Floridians requiring 84.5 hours of work, to afford a one bedroom apartment. The median household income is $53,267. Although the math is elementary, it doesn't add up, quite frankly it shows a disproportionate debt to income ratio.


Our infrastructure is the backbone of our economy. Unfortunately, over 200+ bridges are structurally deficient. Moreover, with an economy that relies heavily on miles of sandy beaches, nearly 61% of those beaches, require ongoing maintenance in order to fight erosion.

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Florida has been plagued by a systemic and ongoing fraud epidemic. Similarly, Florida was ranked in the top three states for mortgage fraud. Conversely, in state healthcare fraud rankings, Florida leads the nation and also has the highest per capita rate of credit card fraud.