The best-laid plans of mice and men

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Often go awry

I recently enjoyed a conversation on the etymology of the saying. Specifically addressing the colloquial aspect of its adaptation.

He had never heard it mentioned the way I said it, I had never heard it his way either, he is from California and I’m from Florida. I immediately mentioned the vernacular as a factor.

Insofar as a spoken language, moreover entertaining differences of opinion. The conversation was a clear reminder of how much perception guides our lives. For what you see, is all there is – I digress.

In retrospect, I often find myself reciting Robert Burns’s verse from his poem. I always found it ironic for someone like me – who hates reading – to have an affinity for some of history’s greatest writers.

The fact is, I struggled to communicate as an immigrant even in my native tongue. Coupled with the fact I was already a shy introverted child, to begin with.

Needless to say, reading was not my best asset, which made my grammar even worse. Nonetheless, as hard as it is to read, for me its the only opportunity that I have direct control over.

I mention Robert Burns because time and time again he resonates and it keeps getting louder, especially with our current climate.

I figured COVID-19 was a pretty clear sign that I needed to focus on my sanity going forward. Especially since the universe had made it clear how insignificant we are in the great construct of life.

Now before you get triggered, just think for a minute of the trillions of dollars the top ten nations in the world spent on defense last year combined. A real quick search of this tool highlights only one of the underlying problems with society, moreover the human race.

(Sidenote as an introvert, most of your time is spent in retrospect. Gathering, analyzing, and pontificating on all things considered. )

Consequently in retrospect, addressing the trillions of dollars the human race spent on defense in just one year. Should be a reminder to us, that the investment was nothing short of a Ponzi Scheme.

Especially since the majority of the world was defenseless against the COVID-19 invasion. It’s not like we weren’t warned about this enemy <– sarcasm.

Profoundly ironic isn’t it, a Florida man talking about fraud? But let’s talk dollars and sense, especially whether or not it’s a “sound investment.”

Therefore, can you without a doubt, unequivocally believe you got your money’s worth from that investment?

Before you say well that’s not my money, that’s the Government. I strongly urge you to matriculate in a Civics class. Consequently, insofar as mice, men, and plans that gang aft agley.

Should we be cutting other services for a false sense of security?

Moreover, when you consider how many lives were lost and will be lost due to COVID. Are we akin to penny-wise, pound foolish?

I for one believe it’s high time we start scrutinizing every line item and consider whether or not it is the right investment.

Similarly, it’s imperative we analyze our expenses and proceed accordingly, more importantly well informed and better prepared for the future.

Carpe Diem!

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